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Village at Pasir Panjang

There are plenty of fantastic and superb islands in Malaysia that offer amazing holiday relaxation to travelers. Many of them are famous attractions, for example Pulau Redang, Pulau Tioman, Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Langkawi. Pulau can be a Malay term which means island in English.

Village at Pasir Panjang

Redang island is a fantastic holiday place to go for visitors not merely because of its compelling beauty, pristine nature and white sandy beach and azure sea water, but also because of its beautiful corals, plant life and animals as well as a national marine park which includes abundance of attractive marine life. It's located at the northeastern of Malaysia Peninsular, about 22km from the mainland. It's one of the better snorkeling and diving destination in Asia.

The most famous beach on Pulau Redang is Pasir Panjang beach (Long Beach) which stretches for more than 800m long. As an idyllic holiday resort which has highest quality gleaming soft white sandy beach, really clear sea water, rich marine environment and many world-class accommodations, there are much more that you can do with this wonderful island. It's a resort for total relaxation.

There are many beach activities that you are able to accomplish here. You can take a nap on the beach and gazing the wonderful sunrise and sunset, snorkeling in the crystal blue water to see the swimming fishes and maybe baby sharks, scuba dive to peek all kind of sea creatures including attractive corals, turtles etc, join other traveler to try out beach volleyball or perhaps pass your hours by basking beneath the sun around the beach.

Redang Island Marine Park is well-known because of its marine creatures protection. The clear sea water with good visibility and abundant of marine life ensure it is into a snorkeling and scuba diving paradise. It provides snorkeling and diving lover a great destination to have a close encounter with a countless form of marine life, from sergeant majors, moray eels, giant groupers to wrasses not to mention black-tip shark plus hawks hill turtles.

Village at Pasir Panjang

Northeast Monsoon blows on this island from November to March every year, and most resorts are closed in those times. April to September is the best time and energy to visit this idyllic island. Pulau Redang will certainly promises you with a fantastic holiday of total relaxation.
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